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Degrees: Radian Measure: Sin: Cos: Tan : Degrees: Radian Measure: Sin: Cos: Tan: 0: 0.00000: 0.00000: 1.00000: 0.00000 : 46: 0.80285: 0.71934: 0.69466: 1.03553: 1: 0 ... Because the sides of a right triangle are related by the Pythagorean theorem, if we know any one of the trig ratios for an angle, we can find the others. Recall that the side opposite a \(30\degree\) angle is half the length of the hypotenuse, so \(\sin 30\degree = \dfrac{1}{2}\text{.}\)

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The inverse sine function on a calculator, or spreadsheet, is programmed to give an acute angle [strictly between 0 and in angular measure]. However, since the sine of an angle X is equal to the sine of its supplementary angle 2-X [sin(X)=sin(2-X)], the supplementary angle is also a viable choice.
Evaluating Trigonometric Functions with a Calculator To use a calculator to evaluate trigonometric functions of angles measured in degrees, first set the calculator to degree mode and then proceed. For instance, you can find values of cos 28 and sec 28 as follows. Function Mode Calculator Keystrokes Display a. height (or side a) = side b • sine (angle A) and so if: • side a height - no solution because side a doesn't "reach" side c. • side a = height - one solution. Side a just "reaches" side c and forms a right triangle. • side a > height - two solutions. This is the ambiguous case. Side a is long enough to reach side c in two places.

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At this point you should be able to calculate the trig functions of all angles with reference angles of 30o, 45o, 60o, as well as all multiples of 90o. For other angle it will be necessary to use a calculator. Don't forget to put your calculator in the appropriate mode (either degrees or radians) depending on which you are using.
The inverse sine function on a calculator, or spreadsheet, is programmed to give an acute angle [strictly between 0 and in angular measure]. However, since the sine of an angle X is equal to the sine of its supplementary angle 2-X [sin(X)=sin(2-X)], the supplementary angle is also a viable choice. It’s also used in navigation for finding specific locations, for finding the distance from the shore to a specific point at sea, and more. How to solve right triangle trigonometry? Although using a trigonometry calculator to solve for right triangles is a lot easier, you should also learn how to find the value by hand.

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The graphs of sin, cos and tan: The following graphs show the value of sinø, cosø and tanø against ø (ø represents an angle). From the sin graph we can see that sinø = 0 when ø = 0 degrees, 180 degrees and 360 degrees.
The compound angle formula is: sin(A+B) = sinAcosB + cosAsinB. The substitution produces the formula: sin(A+B) = (opposite side a/hypotenuse a)(adjacent side b/hypotenuse b) + (adjacent side a/hypotenuse a)(opposite side b/hypotenuse b). Use the calculator to take the inverse sine of the sum of the two products to find the compound angle A+B. The ratio of the lengths of any two sides of a right triangle is called a trigonometric ratio. These ratios refer to right triangles only. The three most common ratios are . sine, cosine, and . tangent. Their abbreviations are sin, cos, and tan. The ratios are as follows: Sin = _opposite_ Cos = _adjacent_ Tan = _opposite_

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1. Use a calculator to approximate the measure of LA to the nearest tenth of a degree. Then find Z C. 15 20 2. Let LA and LB be acute angles in a right triangle. Use a calculator to approximate the measures of ZA and LB to the nearest tenth of a degree. b. B 0.15 d. sin = 0.56 / a. sin A = 0.87 Cc 72 t_ c. tan A = 0.24
Your calculator is programmed to find the sine, cosine, or tangent of any angle whatsoever (minus sign and all). For example the calculator gives cos(120°) = −0.5. The answer the calculator gives is unique but it is important to note that several angles have the same sine, cosine, or tangent. The function takes negative values for angles larger than 180°. Since for a right triangle the longest side is the hypotenuse and it is opposite to the right angle, the sine of a right angle is equal to the ratio of the hypotenuse to itself, thus equal to 1. You can use this sine calculator to verify this.

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According to the Law of Sines, the ratio of the measurement of one of the angles to the length of its opposite side equals the other two ratios of angle measure to opposite side. and finally use angles of a triangle add to 180° to find the last angle.
With this chapter we'll start trig off on the right foot -- triangles -- which has worked great for my tutoring students over the years. Also covered: what SohCahToa is (other than a weird abbreviation for the sinusoidal functions); what opposite, adjacent, and hypotenuse mean; how to find sine, cosine and tangent; and how to work a bunch of "solving triangles" problems. See full list on

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May 05, 2015 · sin(c) = cos (d) Since the sine, cosine, and tangent are all functions of the angle c, we can determine (measure) the ratios once and produce tables of the values of the sine, cosine, and tangent for various values of c. Later, if we know the value of an angle in a right triangle, the tables will tell us the ratio of the sides of the triangle.
sin(B) = b / h , B = arctan(b / h) The area and perimeter of the right triangle are given by Area = (1/2) a b . Perimeter = a + b + h . Calculator 1 - You know one side and the hypotenuse How to use the calculators Enter the side and the hypotenuse as positive real numbers and press "calculate".